Thursday, March 3, 2011

Late gifts are better than no gifts.

If you're being materialistic but to me its the thought of my friends who sacrifice their time and their cash in their purses just to get me gifts,that matter.It shows that they do care and remember about you though you haven't seen each other in months.

I forgotten to post this up in the Lolita Tea Party Post.Aiko gave all of girls who attended the tea party this small gift which is a Hello Kitty sweet and a small crochet flower which she has made herself.I will go and learn how to crochet during my next break which is in June.

It was raining so the picture looks dark and it was taken using Pinky(my phone).Jaclyn gave me the camera necklace and Ayesha gave me a pair of earrings and a silver bangle which was inside that super cute elephant bag that could be my new pencil case or make-up bag!XD

Luckily the bangle was not really lose so I can wear it to 'unplain(TM)' a plain outfit.Ayesha said the earrings reminds her of me...-_-lll.I find it really hard to make decisions in almost everything.

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