Sunday, March 27, 2011

New happenings

I have been a terrible blogger and I know I have neglected you all so I shall apologize!I'm sorry for not updating as often and I have my reasons.

  1. Assignments and presentations are murdering me plus I have to blog in my 'serious' blog which is my 3rd assignment for my Issues in Publishing and Design subject.Even the title of that blog is so 'serious'.
  2. I have been getting sick lately that I don't even wanna touch anything technological except the television.I am still down with the flu,cough and fever.
  3. My life has become so uninteresting since my new semester has started and I have been nerding.
  4. The main point are the assignments and presentations.
So I will now reduce my posting on this blog to at least once a month until my next semester break on June and I will probably change my blog URL's name to something more current and more me.

By the way,I worked for my university's Open Day again on the 19th-20th March and for some reasons I rather help with the Career Talks than be a Student Ambassador aka Tour Guide.I am shocked to say that I love working for Open Day this early of the year because I get to make a lot of new friends and they are seriously so funny that you won't even have time to be sad.Horrible me only blogged about the events on March when March is gonna end soon.

From first top row:Ali,Mohsen,Elnaz(classmate),Rayelene,Zawar,and Mussa.
Middle row:Me,I forgotten her name,Eleena(classmate) and Nasir.
Bottom row:Cindy(classmate),I forgotten her name and Ikhwan.

Mohsen,Rayelene,Mussa,Nasir and Imad(sadly,didn't have a picture of him) are so funny that I was laughing  for 2 days in the row while working!At least I can get abs faster that way.XD

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