Friday, October 9, 2009

I got a freaking~

B- for Accountings!!!I hate accountings!Holy cheese,am I dreaming?!0_0

A- for English!XD.Though I was hoping for an A+.

B+ for Arts!It was a very hard paper cause I have to draw and color like kindergarten so am I bloody dreaming again?!0_0

B- for Public Speaking!Its alright!XD

Here comes the worst!
D for Computer Studies & Economics!No surprises there!

Those above are the results for my First Semester Finals!


I got a 2.4 GPA,which is just right!The shocking thing for me was Accountings and Arts!I got a B- for Accountings thanks to my dear friend WILSON LEE for teaching me and showing me guidance till the day of the examination!I LOVE YOU,MAN!XD

Arts was a really hard paper exclude the objective part!I have to draw some
retarded boy and do shadows using some techniques which i totally forgotten already and I have to draw 2 Koi fishes and color them with color pencils!0_0.It was kindergarten all over again!You don't how stressful it was,to draw retarded boy and Koi fishes!I nearly wanted to give up!T_T.But I did it and I'm happy!XD

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