Sunday, October 25, 2009

2nd Semester~

started last week~

things got pretty hectic,everyone was obviously still in Lalaland,I was really tired and started staying inside my little shell again...

Hard to make new friends when all of them has their own cliques already and I FINALLY GOT MY PURPLE CUP!!!XD.Thank god,it didn't run out of stock!

Chloe has finally made contact with me!After 1 month of disappearing to Russia,I finally found out that she's alive and freezing in Russia(It's autumn right now in Russia)!XD.Miss you a lot woman!T_T.She's enjoying herself being surrounded by hot but hairy Russian men!XD

I am gonna do a book review for 'The Host' soon when I feel like it and I'm gonna introduce a new member in my family!XD

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