Sunday, June 29, 2008


I got a new MP3 yesterday from my parents!Whee~~~!!!I didn't show my happiness in front of my parents but in my heart I was really HAPPY!!!It's 2gigabyte And it has a built-in speaker!!!And it costs Rm249 only!!!My parents thought it would make my study better with music so they bought me the MP3!I was surprised actually cause i didn't expect them to be so concerned of my studies!I will do my best to make everyone happy!And I named my MP3,BonBon(In French it means Sweet)!!!It's black and mysterious...

Emily!Look it's the bigger version of Willy!I know you love it!XD

I want this soft toy!It's so soft and huggable!

Let me introduce you to...BONBON!!!XD

Jun Hin,I let you shiok-sendiri...And it's on my Biology book!

I so need something to wake me up to smell reality A.S.A.P!!!Because I'm not studying at all!T_T

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