Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tuition people PICTURES!

Let me introduce my tuition friends to all of you!By the way,all these are candid shots so it will look weird...XD

This is Grandpa Wu Zhen!He looks happy in here!Must be talkin about cannibalism or something...

Grandpa again!He's gonna grab you and 'eat' you!XD

Amanda!She actually munching on snack!Candid shot!

Zhi Yeen!She's the so-called High Priestess of Monokuro Boo(the black and white pig)!!!And she's a huge fan of Fish Leong!That dude over there is Nicholas!

This is Jing Yi!She's just joined this year!her nickname is silent movement!

This is Anderson!He may look like a nerd but he plays basketball and the classical guitar and is into rock and goth stuff!

This is Zhi Sung!Grandpa calls him the most retarded person he has ever met!XD

This is Ing Wei!He has a very cute little brother and he's a basketball player and volleyball player from Taman Desa!He's ain't single!Sorry ladies!

This is the prize i got for The Student Who Spent 60 Hours in Tuition for 2 weeks Holidays!Anderson was the M.C so when he made the announcement,I was laughing hard because of him and Zhi Sung and the others!So much junk food but the big packet was finished during that time!So I didnt get to bring it home!

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