Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's late at night...

Time for me to go nighty-nite!*yawn*

I have been reading lotsa books about ghosts,spirits and supernatural,etc...and few months ago,Grandpa told us about CANNIBALISM and we were talking about it during tuition...very scary and he also told us one day he wants to have a taste on HUMAN FLESH...He's a big fan of the movie HELLRAISER and HANNIBAL and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST(very gory movie,according to him and he liked it!) and many more movies that has gore!He's the 'oh so wise one' when it comes to gore and scary stuff...but we love him for it!XD

I had a sudden revelation to cut my hair this style!

Is it alright?BTW,she's Aya Ueto,23 years old and she's in the Japanese drama on 8tv 'Attention,Please!',super pretty,I like her!...I keep imagining myself having that hairstyle,nothing comes out of my mind...I need your opinions!

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