Sunday, June 22, 2008

Okamoto Keito!

As you all can see I changed my current fixation from Kenzo to Keito Okamoto here!What's with the K's?...Some of you may say he looks like a girl in that picture and maybe even gay...FYI,HE AIN'T GAY!!!He's EFFIN HOT!!!He may be 15 which is 2 years younger than me,but still got chance!!!>_<...And he SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!AS IN REAL ENGLISH LIKE THOSE ANGMOH!!!!Means we won't have trouble communicating with each other*wink*...And he plays the guitar,which also means he can teach me to play the guitar!Great,I'm starting to fantasize again!!!XD
Keito in a hot white tuxedo!!!He kinda reminds of the Prince dude from BangBangTang(some ugly taiwan boyband that I hate a lot!) so I pray that he wont't be like him!

He looks good in his school uniform and Daiki(he has the nicest smile among their group!) is hot too,the guy beside him that is same age as Moi!

The hot young guys from Hey!Say!7 in school uniforms!!!XD...if only there are guys like that in Malaysia!

Inoo Kei and Keito!!!Inoo Kei is 18 this year!Very handsome also!They both look really good in white!>_<

Anyone got tips on studying?Cause I just can't seem to open a book and study for at least an hour!So give me any tips ASAP!!!Cause TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!AND OPINIONS ABOUT ME CUTTING MY HAIR SHORT ALSO!!!

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