Saturday, June 7, 2008

The ending of 2 weeks torture

I bet most of you had the best time of your life's during the holidays,while I am stuck in home tuition for 6 hours a day every weekdays,study Bio for 1st week and Sej for 2nd week..And damn that woman(the head of the tuition place) goes on saying,'I hope you can reach the target,10A's for your SPM trial.'...Bloody hell her!You think I'm god ah?!I'm not those super smart ass people that can score 10A's by snapping their fingers and cry tears of sadness when they have 10A's!!!And I got a weird award that is THE PERSON WHO TUITIONED FOR 60 HOURS DURING THE 2 WEEKS HOLIDAY...People all tease me because of that ridiculous award...but at least i get to show off the prize I got which is all junk food and lotsa cheap chocolates and my friends there really made me laugh when I received the award!

Many loves to Grandpa Wu Zhen for being so patient and dedicated to teach me and the others Biology and Sejarah everyday without him,we won't be able to survive!Thanks to him,Anderson,Zhi Sung,Nicholas,Ing Wei for always making me laugh which makes me not to regret for coming to this tuition!Thanks to Ing wei for always being patient and sleepy whenever I have to explain stuff to you!Thanks to Jing Yi,Zhi Yeen,and Amanda for being there for me!Actually there's a lot more I wanna thank to these people but words cannot describe it!LOVE YOU GUYS!!!^-^

Will post some pics tomorrow!If I'm still alive to do it!XD

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