Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baking time!

Yesterday,Ivan,Shurong,Jayce,Chloe and I skipped school and went to Jun Hin's house to bake some muffins and cookies and watch Kungfu Panda!And the muffins turned out great!Cheese and Ham muffins!YUMMY!But the cookies were just average and it was a little burned...Chewy Chocolate Cookies!Very chewy until your jaw hurts from chewing!XD

And I love KUNGFU PANDA!!!SOOO CUTE!!!And Po(the name of the panda) is just like someone I know!Right,Jun Hin?XD

If you wanna see the pics of the bake off go to Fei Sin's profile!There's a lame video there also made by us!

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