Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm addicted to these!XD

I'm being Koreanise!!!Save me!!!

Shinee!-Replay( )
-They're legs are like jelly!I like the mushroom head!His name is Taemin!14 years old!Can speak chinese!I like him the most among all of them...the people who calls him ugly,screw YOU!He can dance a hell a lot better than you!And he's 175cm and still growing!!!And I don't like him cause of his looks but he has captivated me with his smooth dance moves!

EPIK HIGH-One feat. Jisun ( )
-Love their songs because it has really good lyrics!And it's catchy!XD.Their videos may be weird but its creative and artistic!I recommend:
:And this of course!
So go find those videos with english subs then you will understand what the song is about!

MC Mong-Circus ( )
-This song has been No.1 for 5 consecutive weeks in Music Bank!Even Epik High which is No.2 can't beat him!This song is super famous in Korea!His sunnies are the in-trend in Korea!And OMG the colours!0_0

Big Bang-Last farewell ( )
-This song was played everywhere in Korea last year especially in clubs!I recommend 'Lies' also cause it was played around Korea also!Catchy song also!

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