Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scent of death...

I saw a dead kitten,
In my neighbour's garden,
It's body was ripped open,
Organs can be seen,
Flies everywhere,

You don't wanna know how horrible the smell is!My dad found it dead at my neighbour's garden this morning...And it's in the midst of decomposing right now,I bet it will be covered with maggots tomorrow!And the neighbours are not at home at all,so my dad has to covered it with sand to cover the smell,which helped a little...but it still stinks!

My dog gets high when she see older men?...weird...or maybe she just have a thing for older men...she goes nuts and starts jumping on them when she see's the older men like when my dad's friend came over to our house she starts jumping on the guys especially...Well,since she's 4 years old in dog year and 4x7 in human year...she's probably looking for men at her age range...

I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL!!!XD*screams and jumps around*

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