Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheer 2008!

I love the Pirates boys team from SMK Cochrane!!!They are awesome!They totally captured my attention since Day 1!They won Best Newcomer!!!And there's this fat guy who's standing right in the middle in the front row,who can dance really well and do cartwheels!And SMK Bintang Utara are really good this year until they bagged 3 awards!!!First for Best Showmanship,Second is Silkygirl Merit Award and lastly Champions of Cheer 2008!!!Woot!!!First time in Malaysian cheer history,a team won more than 1 award!

Today,after tuition I was sitting in Xavier's territory and little did I know,a bunch of banshees was sitting behind screaming like there's no tomorrow!!!Their screams are like those high-pitch screams that can make you go deaf!!!I wanted to kill them...badly!

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