Thursday, July 10, 2008


(note:Schrei is German for SCREAM!!!)

I really need to turn into Nerd mode now!!!SPM is nearer as time passes by!!!And I really need some motivation to study NOW!!!Can someone just RESCUE ME FRoM THIS MISERY???!!!

Tomorrow is Bicara Academic!!!Means its Report Card DAY!Which its Doom's Day for most of us,and especially mine!Do you know that Yap Yee Ping is sitting beside Thamarai tomorrow?!She's so gonna screw all of us especially those sitting at the back!Crap,I didn't even do any of her homework!She's so gonna enjoy seeing us getting lectures from our parents...damn!Wonder what's gonna happen to us tomorrow...

I need to take 'How to Be Nerd' lessons from Nigahiga...XD...just joking!

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