Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yesterday was the Prefect Night,and it ok sadly I didn't really enjoy it much compared to everyone else...but I'm happy that everyone had fun...I just wish that my besties was there it'll be more the end of the dinner everyone was dancing and jumping like it's a disco or something...after all that jumping,my legs are luckily still alive and my stomach was in pain...did I tell you that we were jumping in heels?Thank god no one stepped on my toe!everyone look great that night!

Just baked some brownies just now after dinner and it's those boxes type and you just have to add a lil more ingredients so it was kinda easy to make!XD...OMFG!!!Hey!Say!JUMP WAS ON THE BLOODY T.V!!!!AAAaaahhh...!!!*starts hyperventilating*...OMG!!!THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!*screams*...I LOVE YOU,YUTO NAKAJIMA!!!I WANNA MARRY YOU!!!(even if you're 2 years younger!)XD...sorry my fangirl side took over...XD...they are so young and they can sing and dance!who wouldn't fall for that?!They must be blind for not liking them!

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