Saturday, November 24, 2007

PENANG!!!-Part 3

After the Bukit Bendera thing,we went to Kek Lok Si to eat LAKSA!And it's up to you whether you wanna visit the temple or not and 2 hours to walk around we didn't visit the temple cause we always go there so we walk around those small lil shops and stands...there's a lot of interesting stuff they sell like toy shit,some swords,those self-protection stuff and many more...the scary thing is the vendors there will bargain the price with you like crazy,example,you were slowly walking and browsing some stuff when suddenly the vendor just tell you the price and will keep lowering the price until you come back so i think they basically are very desperate people...and we bought some shades also!

After that we went back to the hotel,so went to the beach and pool again and this time we sort of had a small contest to see who's the most beautiful sand sculpture so the 3 sand dudes are Wai Yew,Eric and Ben!So me,Chloe and Fei Sin was the in charge of Wai Yew and we made him into a mermaid!the other's made Ben into a pregnant mermaid also and eric was a merman!So the guys call Wai Yew the mother,Ben is the pondan daughter and eric is the father!XD...Hilarious!

Later,went to the pool to cool off...dinnertime,the guys wanted to eat steamboat but the first steamboat restaurant we saw cost RM26++ so we sort of give up about the steamboat plan until the bas passed by this new steamboat restaurant that only cost RM19.90 per person and its buffet also!And Eric was the first one to run out the bus and reach the place!The food there is actually nice and we get to cook the food by splatterring butter on some place near the steamboat pot...I love the sotong and the beef!XD...oh,and did I tell you that Brownie looked like those cute japanese nerds when we went for dinner!!!He look so cute!!!XD...God,I love him!8D...ok forget what I just type!

We bought a lot of booze before we went back to the hotel and some people got drunk especially Park Leng who puked 2 times and Eugene who puked 3 times...

Gotta go now but the pics will be in the next post!

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