Friday, November 2, 2007

Today's the finals for the Saujana Idol competition and the top5 was Jie Hao,Carmen,Geraldine,Raymond,Imran & Abu...and the winner is...GERALDINE!!!Woohoo!She sang 'Umbrella' with her guitar like Marie Digby!And she has lotsa supporters!2nd is Carmen and she deserves it cause she's got a great voice!3rd place is Jie Hao!Yay for my class leader!He was singing some chinese songs that sounds really emo but maybe it is a love song and that time I was so not in a mood for love songs,seriously...Too much thinking can make you turn emo and not forgetting the contestants singing love songs!

Today,we watched the basketball game between Sam's class and some other Form4 class...I wonder why we always watch basketball matches when Sam's class is playing?maybe cause there's some 'special' reasons or their match is more fun to watch!I'm the person who talks when they're playing like in those football matches and whenever Sam's class scores everyone will clap because the way they make the shots are really cool!Don't cha think,ladies?Bloody idiot Joe keep calling me sister-in-law when I'm not even sure who I like at the moment,things are just really complicated...but I'm really glad and happy that I have friends that are there to hear and share our problems together and to always cheer me up!LOVE YOU LOTS,GIRLS!XD

Crap...tomorrow is the prefect nite!Fug!

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