Thursday, November 1, 2007

Saujana Idol

Today was the Musical Festival in my school and they had the Saujana Idol competition!The good thing is my ears survive the whole event so thank god!Most of the contestant are (no offence) just horrible!But they're brave enough to go onstage so that's a plus!and me & emily was seperated from Samantha & audrey but in the end we end up sitting together!Amir kept insulting almost every single person in stage and I was being tortured by him!Damn you,Amir!just joking!

Anyway,they're some that are really good like Geraldine who sang Torn by Natalie Imbruglia with the guitar,Carmen Ong and Jie Hao was not bad too, and also the twosome Imran and Abu singing a song from Arctic Monkeys playing guitars also!Sadly,the most popular singer in our school didn't get into top5 and they were 21 contestants!I heard the top5 are Geraldine,Imran& Abu,Carmen Ong,and 2 more people that I have no idea who!

Before the event started,we were watching the basketball match between 4S4(my class) & 4S5(Sam's class) if I'm not mistaken...and my class lost!Dang,we were only losing by 1 point!!!And I got the approval letter that I'll be a prefect for next year but there's one bloody biacth who didn't get the approval letter but the assistant head prefect being her good friend and all gave her the approval letter and asked her to take care of her hair and socks!WHAT THE FUG!!!I HATE THOSE PEOPLE THAT CAN GET THEIR WAY JUST BECAUSE THEY GOT FRIENDS IN THE STUDENT BODY!!!ESPECIALLY THAT FUGGING BIACTH!!!SUCH A BLOODY FAKER AND LEECH!LET THAT INNOCENT GUY GO,YOU BLOODY FUGGY BIACTH!!!

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