Thursday, November 22, 2007

PENANG!!!-Part 1

We took off at 10p.m and I can tell you that the whole journey there,all of us was not sleeping and we were really noisy so I really pity the aunties and uncle sitting in the front...and when the others went to sleep a small group of us was gossippimg about some people and later we're talking about those cuckoo stuff we 4S4 did throughout this year...lotsa beautiful memories!XD

We all didn't really get much sleep through the whole roadtrip to Penang cause whenever I almost fall asleep someone will start laughing and more people will start laughing like a bunch of hyenas and who can sleep in that kinda environment?

So we reach Penang around 4a.m and the shops are not open yet so we can't eat breakfast so we waited in the bus until the shops open and went to eat!After eating,we when to this Chinese Burmese Temple and I'm not a temple person but did a lil praying since SPM is next year!

and I think we went to Queensbay Mall after that,sorry can't really remember what we did on the first day so sue me!So Chloe,Amanda and me went to F.O.S cause I wanna find shorts and Chloe needs slippers...after getting our stuff we went back to the bus and the tour guide played this video of this drag queen singing and asking the guy to touch him and stuff...omigod,you can hear all of us girls screaming with disgust!He bloody sang a song full of cantonese bad words and touching his private and flashing his skirt!OMG,THE HORROR!!!

After lunch,we changed and 3p.m we went to the beach and played volleyball,apparently the guys was the one playing and we girls just stand at the back and run whenever the ball comes...then we burried Wai Yew in the sand and while we're burrying him suddenly he got clammed by a crab!Hahaha!!!Seriously funny!XD...we were laughing like crazy!

Dinnertime we went to GurneyDrive and we ate laksa,fried oysters,mochi!It was food heaven!and we went back to the hotel after that,Ivan was counselling me about some stuff at this secret place that no one goes to...then we went to the guys room and played until late night...

day 2 will tell tomorrow!

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