Sunday, November 25, 2007

PENANG!!!-Part 4

Chloe and Bobby!XD

Overall the Penang trip ROCKS!!!well,most part of it...but I'm really happy that everyone enjoyed the trip a lot!!!^-^...Cause a lot of people were having doubts that this trip is gonna suck but I guess they took back their words!When we reach school after a long trip back from penang,a few of them started crying and i think someone said "Don't worry we'll see each other after 1 month!"....haha,and I was really sad also that we won't be seeing each other anymore except next year...I trying my best to cry but no I did cry at home in my sleep!

To the people who got sick during the trip,hope you're ok!

Stupid Brownie!!!I tried talking to you also,you reply and give me the cold shoulders...but I still like you,Brownie!!!8D

Monkey business!!! The dude with funky pose is Ben!XD

The morning view! ----Most of the girls who went...

the girls again!

On the way up...

Fei Sin's scary look...

The cuckoo guys!


Jun Hin and Ben!
On the way down...

Amanda,Me and Chloe!

I wonder is Jun Hin controlling his bladder?

The Blackjack group!

Fei Sin's face is really red...

Jun Hin planting a big fat kiss on Ben!XD

Going up!

Lastly,don't we look cool here?

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