Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yesterday,me went out with Audrey and Amanda Chong,Grandpa Wu Zhen and his cousin Davis,Anderson & his 2 friends but sadly I forgotten their names, and Howard!So 3 girls and 6 guys...great...When me,amanda and anderson & the gang was looking for audrey,grandpa and davis...they started running away and only me and amanda was chasing them down,since there was a lot of people there so anderson and the gang lost us,and we all were hiding while he was looking for us!so we all were sort playing hide and seek and it was really funny!and so what to do when there's only 30 minutes till the movie starts?Arcade!So we split into 2 groups Anderson's group went to eat and the others went to the arcade!Then we played this game where each of us took turns to hit mosquitoes,cockroaches,thieves,rats,flies and moles!and I tell ya,we hit the screen so hard that it can break anytime!

we went to watch 'Stardust' and the movie rocks!It's funny,it's sweet,it's romantic!And you guys should really watch it!!!Highly recommended!XD

I'll continue later!Wait for me,ma cheries!XD

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