Saturday, November 24, 2007

PENANG!!!-Part 2

if i remember correctly on the first day,we went to a park that is really famous for monkeys and the tour guide warn us about monkeys stealing our cameras and chasing us but in the end nothin happen and since we got so much time left after walking around in the park,we walk outside the park and some of them shared money and bought a beach ball that has a bell inside so we can play it at the pool later...and Eric putted the ball in his shirt and acted like he's pregnant,it was really funny!XD

On the first day,I also forget to tell you guys that we went to the old GurneyDrive where the population is more to malays and took some pics there and saw some jellyfish and we went to some place to buy local products and opposite there was a Chocolate Boutique i think they called it that cause I forgotten and the chocolates there are really expensive but Ivan bought some for his dear...and I didn't know he bought one for me also for my birthday!Thanks,Ivan!And also thanks Weng Cheok for your present also!Love you guys!after that,then only we went to Queensbay Mall...

Second day,after breakfast we went to Bukit Bendera and we sat the the tram thingy to go up to hill and the scenery up there was really beautiful!You can almost see the whole Penang from there and we walked all the way to the canopy walk and the whole time there was this stray dog following us all the way there and i think it likes Chloe so she calls him Bobby!after the canopy walk,a small truck came to send us back to the tram station for RM3,we were rushing back also and then we only found out that they have transportation to send us there so we wasted a lot of time walking all the way there but it was worth it cause it was a fun and the truck ride back was very unforgettable cause there's about 15 of us all cramped in the truck...and I have to sit outside and on Yian's lap and Eric's butt was almost at my face,it was crazy but I won't forget it till the day I die!XD

the rest of day 2 will continue tomorrow cause It's 2a.m. now...gotta catch some zzz's...buh-bye!

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