Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today was the last day of school for the science stream students and got yelled at a lot by teachers cause we're disturbing the Form5's that are havin their SPM(very important exam!) but you can't blame us cause its the last day of school and we're enjoyin it to the fullest!So,today I went with my classmates and some people from different class to KFC to sort of have our last lunch together or something like that...after most of them left and only me,Chloe,Ivan,Jun Hin & Weng Cheok are left there so while Jun Hin and Weng Cheok was playing at the mini playground there some primary school students came running up and saw them and said "Yee...so big already still playing there!"(btw,they said it in mandarin)...so we were laughing a lot and they continued playin there for a while,then we leave KFC...

We split up with Chloe cause she wants to change to go to C.C,they asked me to join them but i can't cause got no change of clothes and its not my kinda place to go to so the guys were obviously laughing like a bunch of lunatics while we're walking back to 7/11,Jun Hin even said "Last day of school must laugh as much as you can!HAHAHA!" -_-lll...and I'm stuck with them!God,help me!

From left:Ivan,Jun Hin,Weng Cheok and me!XD

This was taken while I was waiting for my transport right outside 7/11...

I actually thought the moon is green,until my sis told me its a balloon promoting HerbalLife(a drink that can improve your metabolism it cost RM600+ if I'm not mistaken,this info is from my teacher)

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