Thursday, April 3, 2008


I miss my bloggy soo much!!!*hugs and kisses!*
It's been an emotional week,don't cha think?And I expected April's Fool to be a day of fun and happiness...maybe April's Fool has been cursed?Nah...choi-choi!Touch wood!There were tears and sadness throughout the school,I hope everyone's fine now!^-^

Was baking brownies just now and it didnt turn out's not hard or chewy but it's soft and too sweet cause I added some Oreo's inside thanks to someone's idea and maybe too much water!I hope to get good feedbacks from you guys tomorrow when you try it!^-^

I got some pics to show!!!

My CJ7 plushie!It's a belated b-day gift from Ivan!XD

I saw this yesterday after the really heavy rain!If you look at it closely...There's 2 rainbows!Awesome!

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