Thursday, April 10, 2008

I don't wanna miss a thing...

I wanna thanks myself for being such a good student to come to school today!Was helping Chloe to draw the banner for our class promotion tomorrow!I wonder who's going on stage tomorrow...Those who didn't come today,you missed the jellybeans I'm gonna give ya!XP...Although it was boring like hell and we have 2 hours ceramah after recess but time passed reallly fast so before I knew it,IT'S TIME TO GO HOME!!!WHEE~!!!

And got no tuition today also!!!So I get to nap for 3hours!!!I love taking naps!!!XD

Been crying in my room cause my family is having financial problems...and they told me that they don't have enough money to send me to college so I'm forced to go to Form 6...have to wear school uniform ah...T-T...but that's not the problem here!The problem is how to help my parents?T-T

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