Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm outta titles!!!Why can't we blog without titles!!!Ok,forget about that!

All of a sudden I felt like changing school...call me crazy but I don't care!This school hasn't been very nice to me and I have been isolating myself cause of this and my family has issues!Fark it!

Today,my mum was nagging to me that I shouldn't add anything in my brownies cause if I do it will be too sweet and bladdy-blah...I told her if it's just plain old brownies who would buy it?!Am I right?Correct me if I'm wrong!I already told her that I was gonna add Oreo's and MnM's into the brownies,and she goes on and on again!Audrey Chong gave me a great idea to spice up my brownies!She asked me to sprinkle edible glitter and decorate it with edible paper also!Now won't that be nice?

Today,it was my ketua kelas birthday and obviously his dear,the penolong ketua kelas a.k.a his girlfriend...and she first gave him a girt box with 2 speakers and lotsa USB ports for something inside...later during Math lesson before recess,she actually asked Encik Khairuddin's permission to have the cake cutting ceremony and he said ok,and he won't be teaching cause he gave us lotsa homework yesterday...What a wonderful teacher!We should have more teachers with his attitude in this school!XD.Anyway,she surprised him with a homemade cheesecake that she made herself!Aww...so sweet!^-^...but what's with the cheesecakes on this month?Is it cheesecake month?Maybe I should put it in my calendar!Her cheesecake was SUPER NICE!!!I love it!!!It's so addictive!!!And it's soft and creamy!!!I think i ate 3 pieces and I wanted more but I must not be greedy cause the cake is not mine...seeing the girl putting all her love and heart into making that,it's kinda nice don't cha think?

Whenever I see him,
a feeling of joy rushes through my body,
like blood flowing in my veins...

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