Sunday, April 6, 2008

Brownies!part 2

I have forgotten what I wanted to write after the 1st brownie post so...won't be continue-ing!

Yesterday,my family and I watched 3movies in 1 day at home...
-1st=The Mist(horror movie)
This movie is scary and disgusting!!!Unless you fancy alien man-eating creatures from another dimension and human body parts and also a crazy religious lady who got killed in the end,go watch it!The hero of the movie is stupid(at the ending part)!They say it's based on the book by Stephen King...and you know,he's famous for writing a lot of horror books so if you interested in scary stuff go buy his books!But his books are pricey!

-2nd=They Wait(also horror movie!)
This movie is taken place in Chinatown in Los Angeles when it's the Hungry Ghost Festival Month.I don't wanna explain any further cause it's too complicated but in conclusion it's about this american lady who has a chinese husband and a cute son who looks chinese and they were goin to L.A for a funeral,the son starts seeing ghosts and the son is being hold hostage.The mum has to go find out what the ghosts want before her son is taken away by the ghosts so time is of the essence!It's kind of suspenseful but the ghosts are scary!

-3rd=Penelope(Romance & comedy!)****
I give it stars cause this movie is sooo...nice!!!I super love James McAvoy!Too bad he's married and he has kids...T-T...This movie about...aiya!I very lazy to type la!Go research about it yourself on the net!I gtg eat dinner!Lastly,I love James McAvoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

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