Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yo,my peepo's!!!It's been a busy week...Last minute to finish our Moral Project!And did I tell you that I love to eat Coconut Dodol?!It' and coconut-y!!!

And I have been goin out a lot to buy lunch with my cousin after school and my money keeps dissappearing...maybe cause I keep buying sushi,but sushi is sooo Worth it!!!!Today,went to Max Value and I bought that doughnut thing for only RM1 and it's good!!!XD

And a very 'kind' person told me that me that my face looks like a fish just recently...well,if I look like a fish to you,and you told me you don't like fish...then don't eat fish la!!!I didn't fight back cause I'm worried my English is too good for you to understand!If I'm a fish,I will call myself a really delicious fish!!!A finger lickin good FISH!XD

I am startin to like someone that my friend it a sin?Tell me...

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