Sunday, April 13, 2008

Panda biscuits!

Here I am blogging in the wee hours!And it's about food!!!WHEE~!!!XD
During tuition,Grandpa Wu Zhen had a sudden revelation to create a modelling agency!-_-lll...and he say he's gonna employ Anderson and those cutely weird guys and those cute-cute guys in it...and he asked me what does a modelling agency do.So I told him the basics and he was quiet for a while...
Suddenly,he said "On a second thought maybe opening a modelling agency is not a good idea.".I asked why.And he was thinking and smiling.I guessed,"Cause you will laugh to death?".And he said,"Oh yes!HAHAHA!".He must have imagine them walking on a runway naked or something...hahaha!
After tuition,my family and I went to Mid Valley to jalan-jalan!And I bumped into Kuo Jien at the Gardens...And I goin to Gardens now!!!!Why,you ask?It's because they have a JAPANESE MART THERE!!!!MUAHAHAHA!!!!XD

And....THEY GOT PANDA BISCUIT PROMOTION!!!Buy 3 small boxes of panda biscuits for only RM6!!!I was begging my mum to buy for me and she did in the end!!!WHOOHOO!!!XD

And I bought an eclair from Jusco Supermarket and it's delicious and it only costs RM1.50!!!Cheap and Yummy!!!XD...apparently in the picture,it has already been squashed...-_-lll

Lastly,I would like to recommend this snack to all you peeps to try!It's know!Go to your nearest 24hour shop and have a try!!!You won't regret it!

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