Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I haven't been blogging much and so much stuff has been going on...I haven't blog about the sushi shopping thing and sushi-making thing in Eugene's house and also SMK Seri Saujana school carnival!Dang,I'm falling behind!

Anyway,I am having a poetic season now!*starts playing classical background music*

All of a sudden,I got the urge to write poems but obviously I'm not very good at it cause I'm a first-timer!And today one of my classmates wrote an unfinished poem on the blackboard cause the History teacher is not around...That woman gets to go on the same trip with my crush!Crush,crush,crush her!!!

Back to the blackboard!Forget about it!It's outta my mind already!I should have wrote it down cause it was beautiful...T-T...and also cause I made a little adjustment to it!

Isn't everyone happy that there's HOLIDAY ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!CAUSE I AM!!!XD

Did you guys watch 'Gossip Girl' first episode last week?!So much drama and of course the oh-so-hot,NATE ARCHIBALD!!!who is also known as Chace Crawford,which is 21 and may be gay with some dude from N'sync forgot his name already.He's SUPER YUMMY AND HOT!!!XD

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