Sunday, January 4, 2009

To get your driving license...

You have to go through hell!!!I did the 1st step today which is going for the 5hours long lecture before taking your undang test!I was super bored but lucky I have Samantha with me!!!XD.I will probably be half-dead if she's not there!Also bummed into Jun Hin and his lecture was 6 hours long!Haha sucker!Saw a few familiar Saujanians faces also like Zhing Zhing(she looks like the girl from Paradise Kiss!With her new haircut!XD),Yen Yi and etc!

I saw this guy who reminds of this guy from Big Bang!

The one at your right end!Except without eyeliner and fairer skin!Quite cool-looking until he wore glasses which made him less cool!

The place where I took my lecture is in Bangi and it's like in the pedalaman!!!You reach the place all you can see is plantations!!!No malls or restaurants!!!No sign of civilization except the driving place!!!And the canteen there is so unappealling!I miss Saujana's canteen!!!XD

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