Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I HATE GETTING THE FLU!!!I got sore throat also,i cant really talk properly cause of that!My mum even bought KFC to make things worst!My nose is as red as Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer except not glowing!XD

Anyway,I have been to Mid Valley for 2 days in a row!First time was when they went to celebrate Zhing Zhing's birthday but technically I was intruding the outing i think cause I was invited by Jun Hin not by the birthday girl so i hope I didn't make anyone unhappy on that day...I'm glad that Zhing Zhing liked the present I got for her which is Famous Amos cookies with a small cute bear on top of the box!

Went to eat at Sushi Zanmai with Amanda C. and Jun Hin!Jun Hin treated us!XD.I just love that restaurant!XD.Didn't catch the movie the the birthday girl and her friends so it was just me and Zheng Hong!He didn't bring much money so I brought him to the place where u can find cheap and yummy food...Jusco's supermarket!It was quite weird for him cause he never shop for cheap food with a girl before so his man pride sort of dropped but its ok!Then I teman him to go to his job interviews so far not so good because they keep saying they will call him for the interview...

Jun Hin!looking blur here...

Me and Amanda C.!

Black sesame seeds,Avocado slices,rice,salmon and rice again!Very yummy!!!XD

Cold soba!It's mine!XD

Soft shell crab sushi!Me likey!

Jun Hin's sukiyaki!Rich baboon!

I like this bowl!XD.But I didn't buy it!

Second day in Mid Valley,I went window-shopping with Audrey C.!And we start taking pictures of interesting places!We got a little crazy in Jusco's supermarket,we bought the whole box of XXL chupa-chupa lollipops,Yuppi burger gummy,Oreos and many more snacks for Audrey's japanese host family kids.I saw some pictures and they are very cute!!!XD.I wanna marry one of them!!!Although they are still in elementary school!XD.We ate the orange in a stick thing and it was yummy!It was Audrey's first time eating it and she liked it alot!The mandarin orange was sweet and its covered in sugar water thing or is it caramel?

Me & Audrey are super free to camwhore in the toilet!XD

Then we had lunch again in Sushi Zanmai!Amanda C. and Zhi Sung joined us later.Then did some catching up with Zhi Sung because we haven't seen him for quite a while and all of us have one thing in common and that is...WE ALL LOVE JAPAN!!!XD.I haven't been to Japan before but hearing their experiences gives me the urge to go to Japan ASAP!XD.Planning to go to Japan this end of the year with them so gotta save money now!So far I have RM450 in my piggybank and there's Chinese New Year angpau's!Not gonna gamble this year!XD

Audrey got me this from Japan,eventhough u can get it here also but she bought during a sale in japan and its much cheaper compared to the price here in Malaysia!And it's very cute,it comes with stickers also!XD

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