Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 resolutions*updated*

  1. Get satisfying SPM results in March!!!
  2. Have an awesome year 2009!!!XD
  3. I can't be so sensitive in everything!
  4. Get my driving license!
  5. Boost my confidence to a higher level & don't be to self-conscious!
  6. GO TO JAPAN WITH MY KAWAN-KAWAN(right,Amanda,Audrey & Zhi Sung???XD)!!!
  7. GO TO KOREA WITH CHLOE & IVAN WHEN WE TURN 25!(See Ivan!I still can remember!XD)
  8. Cosplaying in Comic Fiesta!(this one is very unsure,must see my finances!)
  9. Go Pulau Redang with my Penang & Pangkor buddies!!!XD
  10. Find a way to get out of this country in 1 piece!^_^hehe...

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