Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Is a movie worth watching!!!It's super funny and it also has some really good moral values(Duh!That's why its a Disney movie!)!!!

I totally adore the guinea pig with the goo-goo eyes in that movie,Bugsy!!!XD.Sadly,I can't find the picture of it but when I do it's definitely gonna appear here!XD

Watched this movie with Amanda C. & Peaches aka Zhi Sung last Friday in Times square!Audrey C. didn't tag along cause she went college hunting.

I was searching around there to get a new bag and so far there was a few nice ones but I didn't buy it yet cause will be going there again next week!Went into the private I-Socks shop the punk section and there was this super tall girl working there!0_0-my look="" when="" but="" friendly="" unlike="" salesgirls="" lolita="" she="" seems="" to="" release="" some="" good="" aura="" so="" was="" not="" afraid="" of="" walking="" there="" for="" 1st="" and="" in="" they="" were="" showing="" the="" gazette="" live="" concert="" i="" saw="" reita="" looking="" smexy="" with="" his="" bass="" xd="">

Should I get the lolita shoes which costs RM179???Should I???I can't make up my mind!!!@_@

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