Friday, January 2, 2009

I got RM65!

After helping Jun Hin's family sell NYONYA KUIH on the 30th-31st of December,I finally got my pay of RM65!!!^_^

My New Year Eve celebration was kind of dull because Chloe and Ivan is not with us this year to celebrate together!!!I really miss them!!!T_T.Stupid Ivan never even wish us HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Anyway,I'm finally 18!!!Means I can go clubbing!XD.

Tomorrow I am finally going to take my undang test and with Samantha of course!I hope I don't fall asleep halfway during the 5 hour lesson and fail the test!

I wonder if I accomplished any of my 2008 resolutions?

2008 resolutions

1.Get at least 5A's in SPM!And pass all subjects!
2.Win a title in school prom!(which is impossible!)
3.Go on a trip to another country with friends!(impossible!)
4.Get a really nice boyfriend!XD(impossible!)
5.Save money for cosplay!
6.Save money for other stuffs!
7.Don't buy stuff I don't need!
8.Don't get stress and study really hard to get resolution 1!
9.Go to favourite artist concert!
10.Have a great last year with my friends!!!^-^

Looks like I achieved no.8,10 and maybe no.5!XD

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