Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amali done!

YUP!And the great thing is I only sat there for 3hours instead of 6 hours!Why?

Because my awesome driving instructor Mr.Chan said he could help us get out of the amali thing on 12p.m instead of 3p.m,if we want!So why not take that offer?XD

Will be learning to drive after Chinese New Year!Quite nervous about it cause if I fail,I have to pay a hefty price to retake it again and it will drive my mum ballistic!

Will be going back to Ipoh,Perak next week so won't be updating much!And yes guys,you saw it IPOH!The land that is famous for hot girls and also GOOD FOOD!!!XD.I will stuff myself with all of Ipoh's delicacies such as Chicken Hor Fun,Salted Chicken,Tau Foo Fah(XD),and etc!XD

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