Saturday, December 1, 2007

That's what friends are for!^-^

I just wanna tell to my dearest friend that,no matter what happens you will always have your friends to go to and you're never alone!And I would like to dedicate the song "I WILL SURVIVE!" by some black lady but I forgot her name,anyway...WE WILL SURVIVE!!!We are strong women!!!No matter what happens,we will move on!If the guy doesn't accept or appreciate you for who you are,then it's his loss!!!

And I just read this article from CLEO magazine and I think it's really good and it's called 'THE SMARTEST WOMAN' and it is adapted from MEN LIKE WOMAN WHO LIKES THEMSELVES by Steven Carter and Julia Sokol...there's 20 of it but I'll just write the one that I think is good!

The Smartest Woman...
  1. treats every break-up as his loss.Why confuse things for yourself?
  2. always stays true to her own bottom line.If you are true to yourself,you'll always have a clear conscience.
  3. knows the more you want to race forward,the more you need to slow things down.A relationship cannot be hurried.
  4. knows men like women who aren't afraid of silence.Just because there is no conversation does not mean there is no relationship.
  5. knows men like women who know how to let go and move on.If it's over,it's over.
  6. knows men like women who understands the concept of Private Space.You've got yours;he's got his.

If you wanna know more,go and buy CLEO and read!Don't wanna buy,borrow from someone or read it at a news stand!Lazy to write much...

And to someone who thinks that every single guy that talks to you is interested in are really desperate,period!If you want a boyfriend,go and get him instead of thinking that when he talks to you means he likes you!It's the 21st century,for god's sake!!!

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