Saturday, December 29, 2007


Yesterday,went to Times Square to watch Alvin and The Chipmunks and also to celebrate Jayce's birthday!There was 19 people there!Before we went to the movies,we went to 10th floor sungei wang,to the foodcourt!And I didnt know there was a foodcourt there,it was a really quiet me,Chloe,Jayce and Qian Qi went to try the Italian food and the chef said to me "You are very cute la!You Korea or Chinese?" and I told him i was chinese and the chef is a malay dude...very interesting experience and the spaghetti we ordered are really good eventhough it cost from RM8.90-RM9.90!Must go there again!

And let's start with the movie!It's super-duper CUTE!!!I was aww-ing the whole time!I love Theodore,the cute chubby one in the green hoodie!!!XD...And I really love the part where they sang 'Only You' and 'Hula Hoop'!Super CUTE!XD

After the movie,some of us split up and our group went to Green Box for karaoke!!!Me,Chloe,Jun Hin and Fei Fan went to buy a small cake from Starbucks and it costs RM8 something and we went to karaoke after that!My first time at a karaoke,and it was really fun!And we were crazy,especially when we sang 'Girlfriend'...Jun Hin keep yelling on the mic making all of us go deaf and we were screaming along also!and 10 of us there and it costs RM90 something which is consider cheap cause we sang a lot!She shared the mini cake with everyone and it was really nice!Chocolate Noir!

On the way,we were walking back to the lrt station...there was this lady giving flyers for some recycling thing and she was blocking my way and won't let me go!everyone else got away,and i was stuck there trying to tell her i cant speak or read chinese until she finally let me go!Jun Hin was laughing like hell!Curse you,Jun Hin!

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