Sunday, December 16, 2007

Comic Fiesta day 1

It was a really crowded place,filled with lotsa people but there will be more tomorrow,i guarantee you!And I actually sacrificed RM80 to buy Vampire Knight vol 2-5!It's like a shopping spree there because there was so many cute handmade stuff and me and Kim bought cat ears!Really cute!XD..and they sell the Paupu fruit from the Kingdom hearts game!I didn't want to buy it at first but in the end i wanted to,when i went back to the booth...IT'S ALL GONE!!!T-T...AND SO SOON!!!T-T...

Anyway,they played 2 parody's of Bleach and its really funny!!!XD...One of them is the love simulation game(which is fake,but they did it for entertainment purposes)...seriously,can you imagine Kenpachi saying "I will kill you!...I love you!"...Hilarious!And another they showed was some characters from Bleach with the voices from the movie 300!A lot of the people were laughing at that one also!

And I'm actually goin again tomorrow so pray for me that they still have the paupu fruit plushie!!!And I'm imagining my money slowly dissapearing from me one by one...but who cares!There's always Chinese New Year!XD...And me saw Kaori working at I-SOCKS the specially for members only store so Amanda actually bought a pair of socks so that she could get the membership form to get in the store...and Kim bought a nice bracelet from there so that Amanda can become permanent member and since I was there and all,I asked Kaori thru typing the message on my phone cause the rock music was really loud and i could barely hear myself in there and showed it to him "Did you work here so that you can be with pei pei?"...and he said yes and that's really sweet of him to work there so he can be with his girlfriend!He must be a really good boyfriend!

And sadly,there's no hot guys there today but I'm hopin that tomorrow has hot guys!XD

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