Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tag No.1

Kimmy tagged me!XD...

1.Last picture taken of yourself

-Look at my display pic>>>

@.Taken by who?

-Me,myself and I

@.When was it taken?

-Few days after rebonding my hair...5 hours in tha saloon,ok?!

@.Where was the place?

-My room?

2.A picture with your friends

@.When was it taken?

-The 2 pics are from the Prefect Nite,the 3rd one is during last day of school...

@.Who are they?

-1st is Amanda,Irryna,and me...2nd is me and Emily...3rd is Ivan,Jun Hin,Weng Cheok and me

3.A picture of you in a fitting room

-Why would I do something that weird?

4.A picture of you with X-mas tree or X-mas deco

-Sorry don't have one!

@.Where was it?

-Somewhere in your dreams...

5.A picture of you doing a peace sign

-Don't have one sorry!

6.A picture of you in black & white

@.Did you took it black&white or photoshop?

-Took it black&white...

7.A pic of you in school uniform

-Refer to 3rd pic^

8.A pic of you doing weird things


9.A pic of you wearing pink


10.A pic of you wearing black
-Refer to display pic

11.A pic of you wearing orange
-Maybe I should buy something orange...

12.A pic of you wearing red

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