Monday, February 23, 2009

Strong Baby!

The driving class was fun actually cause Sam's there and I get to meet new people like Ah Wai & Esther!My car died a few times during parking cause I didn't step on the accelerator!Ah Wai is really funny and he and Sam panic when they were in the driver seat for the first time!XD.But they're fast learners so i survived!XD

S.M.K Seri Saujana Sport's Day is on this Friday!!!Let's all meet again there!XD

I am in love with G-dragon's sunglasses!Omg,it's so cool!I wanna get it!Even Keri Hilson wore something similar in her latest music video!Who wants to come with me to Petaling Street to hunt for that sunglasses?XD.Man,his body is hot and the girl's dress is a bit like my prom dress!Maroon coloured!XD.Hey,sexy!

Seung Ri-Strong Baby

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