Tuesday, February 10, 2009

16 random things tag

I have nothing to do so I will just do this tag that I saw from Audrey Lim's blog!XD

DIRECTION : Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with 16 random things, habits, or goals about you. At last, choose 5 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them:

  1. I just slept at 10p.m yesterday!Woohoo!XD
  2. I just watched BOLT & Changeling yesterday on DVD that is.
  3. Never order the Yuzu(mandarin orange) Udon in Sakae Sushi ever!It's disgusting and you will regret it!
  4. I admire Kirsten Bell's body!I wish my body can look like her's...*starts dreaming*
  5. I love Russell Brand's wit!You should watch him in Bedtime Stories!Super funny!XD
  6. Blink 182 are back together!WOOT!XD
  7. I love reading Junjo Romantica!I wonder if any of my readers are BL and yaoi fans also?XD
  8. Valentine's Day is also known as Single Awareness Day!^_^
  9. I love my 2 dogs,Gigi & DingDing!XD
  10. I miss the times when we were in our last year of high school and there was SPM.We were practically enjoying ourselves everyday not even thinking that there was SPM around the corner.Eating in class,joking and playing in class,ponteng-ing class and annoying teachers to annoy!XD.Great times that I will never forget!^_^
  11. I must have that cute lolita hoodie from I-Socks!!!
  12. I need to learn how to walk in high heels without accidentally killing myself during the process.
  13. Where is the sewing machine?!
  14. I wish I was the girl in SeungRi(from Big Bang)-Strong Baby music video...*dreaming again*
  15. Kenzo,Reita,Kanata Hongo,Keito,Inoo Kei,Jui,Lee Jun-Ki,Seung-Ri,Tae-Min,Onew,Mike He Jun Xiang,and too many more to remember!XD
  16. Oh,it's ending already?well,I hope you enjoy reading my random thoughts!XD

I choose to tag
  1. Weng Cheok
  2. Aine
  3. Jun Hin
  4. Amanda C.
  5. Anyone who reads my blog and wants to do this tag!
Reasons I chosen them is because I want to know what is going on inside your brain!XD

And I found Bugsy(Bedtime Stories)!!!XD

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