Thursday, February 5, 2009

Classical music?

I need some recommendations of classical music or just anything that is soothing,piano songs,basically songs that makes you sleepy.Because i have been having trouble sleeping lately and I need tips on how to sleep early(9.00p.m.) to help reduce my dark circles.

Went out yesterday with Wesley,Jun Hin & Amanda C. to Times Square!And someone got a navel piercing!XD.Went to check out the private I-socks again and Amanda got herself a long-sleeve knitted top with black & pink stripes!Nice!she found this really nice cardigan with musical notes on it with detachable sleeves too but it costs RM199 and its the last piece!And there also this simple black blouse with ruffles which cost RM145!I saw this full set of lolita clothes which cost Rm299 which consist of a long sleeve blouse(very nice!)and a black skirt!so should I get it?I really can't make up my mind!I need help A.S.A.P!

I just done tons of research for lolita music and I stumble across this artist called A Fine Frenzy.Here's a video of the song I heard which got me hooked to her!XD.I hope you guys will like her!

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