Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Driving is so 'easy'!

Over my dead body!!!

It was the 1st time I ever touched the gear,steering wheel,handbrake(I don't have enough strength to even move it!!!)and especially the clutch,brake and accelerator!!!

The driving intructor taught me how to break,reverse,and the most hardest of all,parking and turning at the corner!!!I can't turn the car properly at the corner!!!I keep forgetting on how to park the car!And I'm stuck in the car,when the sun is shining ever so brightly on me while the instructor go and yam cha with his friends!!!

I got home and went to bath and saw I have 2 different skin tones already!!!I am gonna wear lotsa sunblock when I go learn driving on Saturday with Samantha!Sam,if you are reading this do bring sunblock!XD

I have yet to learn the driving up the slope thing,but its the hardest and most dangerous according to the instructor!Hopefully i don't suck at it like how i suck at turning and parking!

Maybe I suck at those cause I'm still not familliar with it yet...

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