Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sewing machine!

I got a sewing machine!Woohoo!Actually it's my aunt's(from Germany) she brought it back here since i don't when but finally I found it,all covered in dust!

The thing is,I don't know how to operate it and it's really old!There's no manual too!The worst part was when I was checking the sewing machine(opening compartments and etc) I found a DEAD COCKROACH!!!EEEWWW~~~!!!And it looks dried up!I wonder how on earth the cockroach can get in there!!!At least its dead,not alive!Thank you god!If its alive I will jump and scream like madwoman and the bad part is I'm all alone at home!!!Who's gonna kill that thing for me?!My dogs will probably eat it and they will get sick!T_T

This sewing machine model PFAFF Hobby 721 is so old that its not on the market anymore and THERE'S A DEAD COCKROACH LYING DEAD THERE FOR GOD KNOW'S HOW LONG!!!

I rather sell this at a 2nd shop or better throw it,if I still can't figure out on how to use this!HELP!!!T_T

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