Sunday, January 27, 2008


IT WAS FUN!!!And thanks to Sam's friend for the free tickets!Get to save a lot of money cause of the ticket!And next time when we invite Joe and Liang Wei make sure they are right on time and dress up appropriately...Liang Wei was dressed up to not get wet and we only saw them around 5pm...-_-lll...

And the music was AWESOME!!!They was some malay guys showing off their moves really cool!And suddenly the DJ's start playing Soulja Boy everyone was pumped up!!!XD...and we joined the crowd that was screaming and dancing until when Pop Shuvit same on stage the guys started goin wild and we were being pushed like crazy and feet getting stepped on until it hurts,we quickly got out from there and scream from far away!

The bad thing was there was a lot of smokers there so if I stay at certain spot long I would probably get lung cancer...And the rides were fun especially the round thing we sat on and when we're reaching the end of the ride we screamed 'FART!FART!FART!'...and the water explodes or something...

There was a lot of ang moh's there and I saw a few really cute ones!And I feel sad that we gotta leave early and it was raining cats and dogs and we ran under the rain and to the hotel and straight on to the girl's restroom and used the hand dryer to dry our hair...XD

Later we met up with Joe,Liang Wei and Wilber...and we ate SUSHI KING!!!I insisted on ordering the Mini Yee Sang the have that only cost RM8.80 cause there was so many of us there and Chinese New Year is coming soon and we're all friends so why not just do it together!But not everyone did it and not everyone ate it so I was really sad about it...and no one listens to me next time I should just zip my mouth and just open it when someone ask me something...

But I'm glad everyone was happy!

I gtg go to bed now buh-bye!!!

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