Thursday, January 24, 2008


Holy crappoli!!!It's in 2 days!!!And I got a bloody bruise on my knee!!!And today all of us girls asked each other the same question...'What are you gonna wear on Saturday?'...I have no idea...maybe I'm just gonna wear my 2-piece inside and a T-shirt outside,and I got no bikini and I dont wanna wear a bikini cause I dont have the bikini body!!!And we got free tickets!!!Whee...!!!Thanks Sam and her 'special friend'*wink*...

I'm glad Emily's leg is gettin better!^-^...we can walk at the bridge of doom this saturday!!!And a big group of us are goin-me,Amanda Chong,Emily,Samantha,Selishia,Joshua,Audrey Lim,Pei Yi,Chloe maybe Yao Joe,Liang wei and 1 of their overall there's 12 of us i guess...

Today,after school me and Chloe was walking around and i was abviously looking for shuneng and I did found him!XD...And of course I was on high when I saw him cause he FREAKING CUTE!!!XD...And we passed by Ajimal Razim and again Yao Joe was there with Toilet eating and guess what he asked Chloe to do?!

Joe gave her RM10 and asked her to help 'Eugene'(yeah,that's toilet's real name,the bloody idiot who was oh so afraid of love when now he's chasing Shirley who happens to be rich and snobby just like him!!)get a box of cigarettes!!!He bloody asked her to go get a box of Mild Seven Lights original cigarettes from 7-11 2 stores away!!!I was freaking pissed!!!Can't he go and buy it himself!!!Oh,wait!he can't cause he's wearing his bloody school uniform!!!!For god's sake!If u wanna buy cigarettes,go and get them yourself instead of asking a girl to do it for you!!!Too much pride to get them yourself?!You FUGGING SISSY BYATCH!!!

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