Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Goodbye,my precious...PHONE!!!T-T

I hereby curse the person who took my precious phone from me today!!!*takes out a voodoo doll and start pokin with needles!!!*...

And not forgetting my PURSE!!!

And thanks to that fugging bastard,I got yelled at by my parents again!!!And my dad even called me to shut up!!!and I wont get any nice phone from now on so it's all because of you!!!

Well,i admit it's also my fault and my carelessness for not thinking about putting my phone in my friends bag or near the other phones...at least i admit for my mistakes!!!And I sudah insaf!!!

And I got dared by Emily today!T-T...It all started with this...

Me:I didn't see the hot guy that made you and Sam sort of hyperventilate...
Emily:He looks like William Beckett!XD
Me:Then you should have go up to him and say 'Hi!My name is blah-blah-blah'
Emily:If its so easy why don't you do it!XD
Me:OK!(this is where my big mouth deserve a big slap!)
Emily:On the Seventeen Summer Splash...I dare you to go up to a cute guy and say 'Hi,what's your name?and ...'!...Promise ah?
Me:Fine,I promise!But make sure he's cute!(slap again!)

(parts of the conversation are subjected to be change under some circumstances)

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