Sunday, January 20, 2008

No Julian Wilson...T-T

Sam just told me that the Quiksilver Revolution Tour is on Saturday!!!WTH?!It's too soon!!!I'm not ready to go yet!!!and there's no julian wilson this year!!!!T-T...I really hope that there will be hotties there or else I'll regret like hell for goin there excluding the part where I have fun with my girls!!!And I can only go if there's a group of us goin so Sam start spreading the news!!!

And yesterday was toilet's birthday and I was actually invited!Omg...*sarcasm*...Anyway,I only go there to have fun with my friends and I did and toilet invited his precious brush also so i find toilet brush a very disgusting combination...2 rich and snobby people together why am I not surprised?...
and Chloe and Jayce was playing WWF on the PS2 on the 3rd floor and they were screaming really loudly until the guys who happens to be playing snooker at the 2nd floor shouted "Eh!You being raped or what?!"...And it was funny when some of us carry toilet's dog Daisy to the people who are afraid of dogs...Really funny reactions!XD

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