Friday, January 4, 2008

1st & 2nd day of school!

First day was really boring...and crap that our class teacher is THAMARAI!!!She's really annoying,i can't stand her voice!I really hate all the teachers that are teaching my class this year!!!Can't they give us a nice and decent teacher this year!!!...and I was bloody pissed for some reason,probably PMS...

Second day was a lil better!And I was in a good mood thanks to Sam for that news*wink*!XD...and I can't believe our physics teacher gave us homework so fast!And when we were downstairs waiting to get our text books,I saw this cute Form 3 boy!!!He's so SUPER CUTE!!!And I was squelling,my face was really red and telling everyone how cute he is until Jie Hao thought I was high already!He's so small and adorable!!!Finally I can see him again after a year!Shu Rong is his big bro so I can extract info from him!hehehe...And on the way I was walking back to class,I passed by Yao Juan and he smiled at me with the CUTEST SMILE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!I nearly fainted from his smile!!!Seriously,it was so CUTE!!!XD..But I don't like them...I just think they're cute!So I was really happy today thanks to all that!^-^

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